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Business coaching in Austria, Germany, UK. Wellness coach online. Connective Compassionate Conversation. 

My Story

Originally from the UK, my husband and I decided to follow our dream a few years ago, and uproot to the beautiful Austrian village of Alpbach with our young daughter. In Austria, we enjoy all the aspects of mountain life in particular our passion for skiing.

As a part-time ski instructor I specialise in helping people overcome their fears. One of my most memorable clients began a ski lesson in tears but ended the lesson singing Abba’s Mamma Mia, whilst perfecting her snow-plough down the slope!

I decided to move into psychology and neuroscience because I myself had problems with imposter syndrome and managing change. It was only through coaching and training that I was able to move forward with my life and out of my restrictive mindset.

Naturally, I wanted to help people in a similar situation to the one I used to be in. I have a real passion for meeting people, discussing the challenges they face and exploring solutions, which made online business coaching a natural fit.



My Work Experience

I am a licensed HRM consultant and online business coach, with experience in many fields including human resources, office administration, tourism, sports development and coaching. I have worked extensively within the education (adults and children) sectors.

My masters in International Human Resources Management and my professional experience in human resources enable me to evaluate situations from a business perspective. This is shaped by my passion to support people in their development and help them reach their full potential.  



Business coaching in Austria, Germany, UK. Wellness coach online. Tree connection concept art.

My Values

The philosophy that underpins my coaching is based on Connective Compassionate Conversation, which creates a safe space to communicate. This is achieved by incorporating knowledge from neuroscience, psychology and social sciences.

In essence, my coaching reflects the core fundamentals of how the human brain is wired to react through social interaction and our innate need for attachment. By harnessing the knowledge, tools and language to understand and overcome our emotional brains, we can be more productive and less stressed individuals. My goal is to help you have a Connected, Compassionate Conversation in all spheres of your life.





My Qualifications & Accreditations

  • Prism Brain Mapping Practitioner
  • MSc International Human Resource Management
  • BSc (Hons) Psychology
  • BA(Hons) Physical Education & Applied Social Sciences
  • Licenced HRM Consultant & Coach (GISA-Zahl: 32984941) 
  • WIFI Business Coach



Business coaching in Austria, Germany, UK. Online wellness training for organisations and individuals.

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