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Business coaching in Austria, Germany, UK. Embrace change in an organisation.1) Embracing Change

Change is inevitable and is a wonderful opportunity to grow and create new ways of working.  However, change can trigger our brains to move into a defensive mode, shutting down our executive brain. This can severely impact your organisation’s relationships, productivity and culture.

The philosophy of this course merges knowledge from neuroscience, psychology and social sciences.  Combining these three approaches on this short course provides insight and tools that support difficult conversations in times of change. 

Through online business coaching I will help members of your organisation understand the core fundamentals of how the human brain is wired to react through social interaction. Understanding these triggers and responses will support your workforce and help them embrace change through Connected, Compassionate Conversation.

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Business coaching in Austria, Germany, UK. Create a communication strategy.2) Creating Your Communication Strategy

Communication strategies ensure that the right information is relayed to the right people within your organisation. Key information needs to be accurate and distributed appropriately to employees. Without the right information, your employees will unable to complete the tasks, which could lead to bad decisions and decreased productivity. Through my online business coaching I will assist you in:

  • Analysing the effectiveness of communication with in your teams.
  • Using helpful tools to analyse your communication.
  • Examining if your communication is effective.
  • Using the tools to improve communication in your organisation.

  • Learning how to have productive, challenging conversations.
  • Understanding whether your team understands you.
  • Learning how to have Connective Compassionate Conversation.  

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Business coaching in Austria, Germany, UK. Increase productivity and ROI.3) Increase Productivity and Your ROI

If your business is performing poorly, I can assist you with boosting productivity. Often, it is a lack of engagement that reduces productivity. Disengaged employees are not only absent more often, but they also have a higher turnover. I will assist you in creating a productive workforce through effective management and a positive working culture. Through my online business coaching I will help you:

  • Support your team in achieving prosperity.
  • Understand team dynamics, motivation, engagement and retention.
  • Develop effective management styles.
  • Build effective support structures.
  • Develop self awareness and a personal resilience system.
  • Understand and embrace cultural nuances and biases.
  • Embrace critical thinking that supports innovation.

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Business coaching in Austria, Germany, UK. Find the right employees for your organisation.4) Finding the Right Employee for Your Business

Talent attrition can cost your company up to two times the annual salary of the job in question. A toxic employee will have a greater impact on your productivity than your high performers, so it is essential that you find the right person for your organisation.

I will help you analyse the position you need to fill, the person specification you need, and all the critical behaviours required for that role. I will use Prism Brain Mapping to understand your organisational values and ensure you find an individual who will add real value to your business.

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